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The best personally vetted resources for self-publishing authors

We are dedicated to provide the best self-publishing help we can. This includes our amazing services when it comes to illustrations for your book, but we realize there are a lot of other things also needed for you to be successful and help you along your journey. That is why we put together this page for you. It’s jam-packed with the best self-publishing resources that we personally use or have found to be excellent quality. Each one of these are amazing and we only include resources that we truly know will help you.

Children’s Book Mastery

When it comes to self-publishing your children’s book there are so many aspects to know about. Learn the A-Z of writing, editing and marketing and publishing your children’s book!

How To Self-Publish A Children's Book

How To Self-Publish a Children’s Book

This is really more than a book. It’s PACKED with extensive information about every part of self-publishing PLUS swipe files, templates and resources. It’s our favorite book on self-publishing. (And the Amazon ratings agree!)


Age Range Perfect Master Class

What if you could reach many more readers by doing one simple thing? Targeting a definite age group is crucial. By the end of this free 3-part Masterclass, you’ll have found your absolutely PERFECT age range!


How To Write & Launch Your Book to $10,000 in 90 Days

This is a not-to-be-missed free workshop:

How To Write & Launch Your Book To $10,000 In 90 Days.
The busy person’s guide to getting it done in just 30 minutes per day.

Self-Publishing School Podcast

This podcast is loaded with A-list guests and valuable info! Chandler Bolt teaches how to write a book, how to launch it, and use it to grow a 6-figure income. You’ll learn how to grow your income, authority and business with a book.

Children's Book University

Children’s Book University Course

In our experience, Children’s Book University really delivers what it promises: “The best step-by-step course that shows you how to write, illustrate, publish and market your children’s book. All in 3 short months.”

Learn Scrivener Fast Course

Learn Scrivener Fast Course

While Scrivener is a great tool, some users struggle to master it. Of course, the better you can use it, the greater the rewards.

With this course you’ll learn how you can get Scrivener to do exactly what you want and accelerate your writing career in less than 1 week.

Amazon Marketing Service Course

Free Amazon Marketing Course

This free course has 278 5-star reviews (out of 292 reviews total). Impressive!

What’s it about? Here’s a brief intro: “Are you an author who wants to sell more books? If so, there’s one game-changing strategy you can’t afford to ignore.”


Scrivener Writing Tool

Writers love Scrivener! It’s a book-writing software for writers of all kinds that provides everything you need to start writing and keep writing. We can’t explain all the features here, so we suggest watching the video on their page.

Publisher Rocket Marketing Tool

Publisher Rocket will help get your book in front of more Amazon shoppers by helping you find the real keywords readers search for on Amazon.

It’s an extremely helpful tool!

71 Ways to Promote and Market Your Book Article

This article is like a monster checklist of ways to promote your book! There are many excellent ideas in here and very likely quite a lot of ways to promote your book you haven’t thought of or implemented yet.


Publishing a Picture Book A Reedsy Learning Course

In this course you’ll learn:
· An intro to the picture book market
· What makes a marketable picture book
· Pros & cons of traditional publishing versus self-publishing a picture book
· How to query a children’s book agent
· The costs and rights of commissioning an illlustrator


Master Amazon’s Keyword Research Article

In This Article, You Will Learn:
· What exactly are Kindle Keywords
· How they help both fiction and nonfiction authors
· How to find profitable keywords
· Kindle keyword tools that will help
· How to increase your book rankings and increase your sales

Amazon Book Description Generator

Description Generator Tool

Some book descriptions look nicer, have bigger words and stick out more. A description that stands out can increase your sales by 15%! You need to use HTML code to do this, but this free tool will help you create those beautiful descriptions with just a couple of clicks of a button.

How to Choose The Best Book Categories Article

In This Article, You Will Learn:
· Exactly what categories can do for your book
· How to find the best categories to make you a bestseller
· Secret Kindle Categories & how to get them
· Show up in 10 categories, not just 3
· Three major secrets to Categories

Prolific works

Prolific Works
Marketing Tool

Reach the right readers for your books by having your book mailed out to Prolific Work’s list who are fans of your category. You can also participate in group giveaways.

(Stay tuned for an article comparing Prolific Works to similar tools.)


Marketing Tool

Build your email list and find reviewers by doing group promotions and newsletter swaps with other authors. StoryOrigin also comes with several other tools and benefits.

(Stay tuned for an article comparing BookFunnel to similar tools.)


Marketing Tool

Connect with readers and build your email list by running group promos, delivering your ebooks in an easy-to-download way and with other tools like landing pages.
(Stay tuned for an article comparing BookFunnel to similar tools.)


BookBub Ads Course

This free course will teach you:
· How to use BookBub Ads to sell your books
· Ways to find your true “comp authors” to improve your targeting Which images BookBub readers respond to best
· How to test your way to success
· Marketing strategies to help you achieve your goals


Formatting Tool

We were very impressed when we first tried Vellum! With Vellum you can create beautiful, professionally- formatted book interiors with classic touches like custom drop caps and ornamental flourishes for both print and ebook editions. Plus, you can try it for FREE.


Marketing Tool

Many authors have great success with BookBub. They have a list of MILLIONS of readers who choose which categories of books they like. When you sign up, your book will be promoted by email to all subscribers in your category. You can choose to make your book free, or have it promoted at a low price.


30 Day Book Bootcamp

“Struggling to write your book to get the exposure you deserve? Today is the day you get to start changing that.”

This is a powerful course that takes you from no book to done book. Go from struggling to finished in just 30 days!


7 Kindle Keywords

In This Article, You Will Learn:
· How to select the best keywords for your book
· How to fill in your keywords in KDP
· Mistakes that might be killing your keyword strategy


Writer’s Treasure Chest Bundle

This GIGANTIC collection contains checklists, cheat sheets, writing tips; and resources on writing and grammar, dictionaries, writing prompts, developing characters, editing, publishing, promoting, generators, how to get ideas plus extra tips and tricks, PLUS bonuses.

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