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The best personally vetted resources for self-publishing authors

We are dedicated to providing the best self-publishing help we can. This includes our amazing services when it comes to illustrations for your book, but we realize there are a lot of other things also needed for you to be successful and help you along your journey. That is why we put together this page for you. It’s jam-packed with the best resources we personally use or have found to be excellent quality.

Children’s Book Mastery
Courses & Live Training

When it comes to children’s books, there are so many steps to master. Children’s Book Mastery helps children’s book authors go from complexity and confusion to clarity and confidence. Wherever you are on your author journey, CBM has the right next step for you.

I have gone farther in these 21 days with Karen than I have in 9 years on my own.
– Kindra Kreislers

The Complete Children’s Book Creation Blueprint

Practical information and checklists:
· children’s book genres
· exact techniques to come up with and improve your ideas
· how to go from an idea to an actual story
· how to revise and improve your story
· finding your illustrator
· your cover and book design
· tips on publishing
· plus bonus strategies and advice!

Publisher Rocket
Marketing Tool

Publisher Rocket will help you get your book in front of more Amazon shoppers,
so you can spend less time marketing and more time writing.

Rocket makes finding keywords, sizing up the competition, and choosing profitable categories quick and easy. It’s an extremely helpful tool and we never publish a book without using Publisher Rocket.

71 Ways to Promote and Market Your Book Article

Who doesn’t want to discover 71 ways to promote their book? This article offers a huge list! There are many excellent ideas in here and very likely quite a lot of ways to promote your book you haven’t thought of or implemented yet. A quick read, and very actionable.

Amazon Marketing Service Course

Free Amazon Marketing Course

This free course has hundreds of 5-star reviews/ratings. Impressive!

What’s it about? Here’s a brief intro: “Are you an author who wants to sell more books? If so, there’s one game-changing strategy you can’t afford to ignore.”


Marketing Tool

Authors have great success with BookBub. They have a list of MILLIONS of readers who choose which categories of books they like. When you sign up, your book will be promoted by email to all subscribers in your category. You can choose to make your book free, or have it promoted at a low price.


Master Amazon’s Keyword Research Article

In This Article, You Will Learn:
· What exactly Kindle keywords are
· How to find profitable keywords
· Kindle keyword tools that will help
· How to increase your book rankings and increase your sales

How to Choose The Best Book Categories Article

In This Article, You Will Learn:
· Exactly what categories can do for your book
· How to find the best categories to make you a bestseller
· Three major secrets to Categories


7 Kindle Keywords

In This Article, You Will Learn:
· How to select the best keywords for your book
· How to fill in your keywords in KDP
· Mistakes that might be killing your keyword strategy
· And more

Prolific works

Prolific Works
Marketing Tool

Reach the right readers for your books by having your book mailed out to Prolific Work’s list who are fans of your category. You can also participate in group giveaways.


Marketing Tool

Build your email list and find reviewers by doing group promotions and newsletter swaps with other authors. StoryOrigin also comes with several other tools and benefits.


Marketing Tool

Connect with readers and build your email list by running group promos, delivering your ebooks in an easy-to-download way and with other tools like landing pages.

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