Our Illustration Process Four Steps to Beautiful

Book Illustrations

Our Illustration Process Four Steps to Beautiful

Book Illustrations

Our Process

  1. Discussing the details of your illustration project.
  2. Finalize the agreement.
  3. A talented illustrator produces your illustrations, using our 4-step illustration process.
  4. We design your book and deliver it, ready to publish.
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Discussing the details of your illustration project

We’ll start by asking you a few simple questions so we can do the best possible job on your illustrations. You can also ask as as many questions as you like and we are very happy to help you figure out anything you’re unsure of!

Finalize the agreement

Once we are all clear on your vision, we’ll create a proposal for you with all the details of your project and a quote. Once you accept the proposal a 50% deposit will be due.

We’ll open a project for you on our easy-to-use project management software and you’ll meet your dedicated project manager.

Now we’re ready to start creating your beautiful illustrations!

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A talented illustrator will create your illustrations

We have four steps to create your perfect book illustrations. On each step you can give feedback and we’ll revise accordingly.

The first step is character design. Since your character(s) are one of the most important parts of your story, we devote a whole step to getting them perfect.

After this, your illustrator will create a rough sketch storyboard of your whole book. This is so that we can plan the best layout, make sure it’s dynamic and looks good as a whole, and that you like it!

Then it’s onto detailed sketches, where we fully develop the rough storyboard sketches.

Once you approve the sketches, your illustrator will add color and final details to the illustrations. Again you can give feedback for final tweaks, so you love your illustrations!

We will deliver your illustrations in the required format and ready for print and/or your ebook.

Watch this video to see our four-step process:

We design your book so it’s ready to publish

Your beautiful illustrations are now ready to be inserted into your book and shared with the world!

We also offer book design (formatting) and can provide you with your full book as an ebook and print-ready. We highly recommend you do this step with us too, so you can have a gorgeous, professional final book.

Get in contact today so we can get started on your project.

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View our pricing

It’s probably more affordable than you think. You might be in for a shock… in a good way!

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