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What are you paying for?

When you work with us, you can always rest assured of beautiful, affordable illustrations.

All our book illustration pricing includes:

  • A storyboard, showing all the pages of your book with rough sketches and lines to show where the text will go (with up to two rounds of revisions)
  • Detailed sketches (with up to two rounds of revisions)
  • Final, full-color illustrations (with up to two rounds of revisions)
  • Ebook/print-ready illustrations your book
  • All delivered with professional project management

    We also offer:
  • Book design services
  • Print and ebook ready files

How much will I be paying?

So how much do book illustrations cost?

Below is a breakdown of our book illustration pricing.

  • Spot illustration –$60 per illustration
  • Half-page illustration – $90 per illustration
  • Full-page illustration – $125 per illustration
  • Spread illustration – $230 per illustration
  • Cover Design (using interior illustration) – $105
  • Cover Wrap (using custom illustration) – $260
  • Book design – $340

PLEASE NOTE: The Prices for illustrations as shown below are charged per illustration. They are not packages.

Spot Illustration


Per Illustration

  • Small, simple illustrations to liven up a page with text.
  • They’re a quarter of a page or less with no background
  • Can be placed as a chapter heading, corner decoration, or next to/within a body of text
  • One character or object OR
  • Two simple characters/objects

Half Page Illustration


Per Illustration

  • As the name says, this is an illustration that fills half a page.
  • While it can be detailed, because of its smaller size, the background will be less detailed than a full page illustration.
  • Up to two characters
  • Extra characters – $20 each
  • Background

Full Page Illustration


Per Illustration

  • This is a full page illustration where we pull out all the stops and include lots of detail!
  • We can also leave space for your text if needed.
  • Up to three characters
  • Detailed background
  • Extra characters – $20 each

Spread Illustration


Per Illustration

  • Spread across two full pages, normally with text on the illustration.
  • While a mix of different illustration sizes makes a beautiful book, going all out and making your entire book double-page spreads will undoubtedly will make it amazing!
  • Up to six characters
  • Detailed background
  • Extra characters – $20 each

Book Cover Design


  • Have a custom illustration created for your cover, plus a beautiful design, ready for ebook and print!
  • If you use an illustration from book interior, the price is only $105 for cover design
  • Front, back and spine designed
  • Custom illustration
  • Title beautifully designed
  • All required text and graphics added
  • ISBN and barcode added
  • Includes paperback, hardcover and ebook formats
  • Set up for you chosen publishing platform(s)

Book Design


  • The last step is your interior book design. Here we lay out your illustrations and add all the text, choosing the perfect typography and colors.
  • We also create your front and back matter pages.
  • (Up to 32 pages. An additional $8 per page after that)
  • Typography suited to book
  • Customized typography colors
  • Full book layout
  • Print-ready and ebook files

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